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May we take this opportunity to welcome our members new and old. Here you can find details of how your progress will be tracked whilst training at the Fusion using the GymDesk portal and how we might contact you and keep you up to date with important information via WhatsApp.

We also offer a referral scheme which could earn you £30 each time you introduce a new member to our club.

Furthermore, you can start to get to grips with our grading syllabus 




All current members of Fusion will receive access to their individual accounts, allowing them to conveniently view and modify personal information such as name, address, and payment details. Moreover, they can track their rank, monitor their progress, and see the required skills for advancement. Additionally, members can use the convenient booking system to enroll in classes and make purchases of clothing and equipment through the online click and collect shop.

To ensure students stay informed about important news and updates, email notifications will also be sent regularly. Please click on the appropriate button corresponding to your club and verify that your details are accurate.


Receive up-to-date alerts regarding alterations to class schedules, gradings, competitions and other important information. Speak to a member of staff to be included in our WhatsApp group.

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Would you like to receive a £30.00 reduction on your monthly tuition? This amazing offer is available to all our members, each time they refer a friend or family member.

To claim your reward simply ask a friend to reference your name whilst completing a sign-up form and the Fusion will credit your account with £30.00.

Ladies Kickboxing


At Fusion MAC, we take pride in our structured approach to tracking and nurturing each student’s development in the art of kickboxing. Our grading system serves as a vital tool to measure progress and skill mastery within our club. Similar to other martial art schools, our grading system involves a periodic assessment to evaluate the physical and technical proficiency of our students. Successful completion of these assessments results in the award of a coloured belt or sash corresponding to the achieved grade.

Our Approach to Kickboxing Grading

Grading Assessment
Grading Assessors

Fusion MAC Belt Structure

Our belt structure is designed to signify the progression and dedication of our students.
The belt order is as follows:

– White (under 8yrs only)
– Red
– Yellow
– Green
– Purple
– Purple/White
– Brown (Senpai)
– Brown/White
– Brown/2White
– Black (Sensei)
(1st Dan, 2nd Dan, 3rd Dan…)

Assessment Criteria

To ensure that each student is adequately prepared for promotion, we have established specific benchmarks that must be met:

1. Attendance: The frequency of training sessions aligns with the level of progression.
2. Competence: Proficiency in grade-appropriate techniques and combinations is a prerequisite for examination.
3. Other Factors: Additional considerations include overall fitness, technical advancement since the last grading, and adherence to the Fusion ethos during training and representation.

Using our GymDesk operating system, every student has the opportunity to log their attendance and track their progress effortlessly at any time.


Scoring Methodology

Our assessments are meticulously structured, with each section being assigned a score. The total score not only determines a pass or fail but also offers insight into the student’s proficiency level:

6-9 points = First-class pass, an exceptional achievement.
10-18 points = Second-class pass, indicating a satisfactory performance.
19-27 points = Third-class pass, highlighting areas for improvement to be addressed before grading again.
28-30 points = Failed Grading, requiring a retake at a later date.

We believe in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and dedication, encouraging each student to strive for excellence in their kickboxing journey at Fusion MAC.

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About –  Our fight squad actively competes in Semi, light and full contact Kickboxing competitions plus K1 and MMA events. 
Requirements – Anyone can train at the squad sessions. You do not have to compete. All you need is a full sparring kit and a positive attitude towards training.
Schedule – Fridays at 6pm. Book in advance using the GymDesk portal. 
Training – Sparring and drills.
Creed – Train hard and fight easy with courage, discipline and respect. Show honour and be loyal. Fight for your club, no one else.

Kickboxing Events
Fusion Fight Squad


Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the running order and rules for each competition before you attend as each may differ. This will be covered in more detail during the fight squad training sessions. Be sure to take your Fusion MAC uniform and full sparring kit. 

Fighters should conduct themselves in a professional manor both on and off the mats. Spectators are asked to keep their support positive and encouraging towards our fighters and refrain from interfering with decisions made by coaches and referees.

Competitions can often last a full day so we advise you take plenty of healthy snacks and drinks. Typically they start with weigh-ins and match-ups before moving on to the younger/lighter competitors. Women and men tend to compete towards the end of the day.

Organised events will specify their own rules and running orders. We advise speaking with your coach if you require further details.

2024 EVENTS:

Please speak to an instructor for up to date competition information.

Kickboxing Competitions